Car Parking Tensile Structure

Car Parking Tensile Structure

Ekra specializes in custom and pre-engineered Tensile structures Car parking product that are manufactured from industry-grade polycarbonate fiber glass material. Our Tensile structures offer greater protection to your vehicle parked outdoors against harmful UV rays that quickly diminishes the shine of your vehicle and slowly eats away the metallic exteriors and leather or cloth interiors. Our sleek and stylish Tensile Structures Car Parking in India offer greater protection and beauty with negligible obstruction. But that’s not all, they offer protection for years at competitive pricing, too! We are the pioneers in fabricating fire retardant tensile fabric that comes with PVDF protection and metal frames.

Our Products

  • Car parking shade
  • Canopy shade
  • Car shade tents
  • Heavy & Light Vehicle parking shades

Why Us?

If you need unique design and outdoor solution for car protection, we can custom design tensile structures car parking shed as per your specifications. Alternatively, you can select from our wide range of pre-engineered tensile fabrics to create a comfortable shade for your prized possession.

We specialize in fabricating Tensile Structures Car Parking in Lucknow for personal small size Car, SUVs, Van, car showrooms, residential, & commercial car parking. You can select from our range of different car shapes, sizes, dimension and attractive colors. For instance, you can install a carports shade at your Business or Home premises at lucrative rates.


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