Tensile Warehouse

Tensile Warehouse

A combination of style and utility makes Tensile Structures popular among architects and people. The ability of tensile fabrics to expand and complement existing architecture and environment makes it resonate with designers. Tensile Warehouse structures are smooth reflective products that reduces solar radiation and makes the stadium more energy efficient. Light in weight they can be easily transported and installed.

Tensile structures in Lucknow create Tensile Warehouse structures from PVC fabric to create billowing curves over giant supporting stainless-steel legs. The light-diffusing property of the PVC fabric allows filtered sunlight to stream through the stadium’s roof. At night, the stadium dramatically glows with brilliantly illuminated tension membrane structure.

Our Tensile Warehouse structures are custom built to reflect light and heat, reduce lightening need, offers superior sound reduction and can be easily transported. With 18+ years of rock-solid industry experience our engineers design innovative and functional structures that have won awards and global recognition.


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