Tensile Conical Structure

Tensile Conical Structure

Limited only by your imagination, shape or configuration, we design, engineer and install superior quality PVC coated polyester or PTFE-coated glass cloth tensioned over architecturally designed steel framework. We call it Tensile Conical Structure!

Its unique conical design offers great benefits that includes offering cool shade, architectural beauty and protection against weather elements. This modular, low-maintenance Tensile Structure can be used in all weathers and outdoor space like gardens, malls, cafeterias, stadiums and play areas.

Our Tensile Structure Lucknow unit manufactures these structures in different fabrics and weight. You can select from three options.

  • Acrylic fabric weighing 150 - 450 gsm
  • Canvas & Poly Canvas fabric, weighing 450- 700 gsm
  • PVC coated Polyester, weighing 500 - 1000 gsm
  • Heavy & Light Vehicle parking shades

Our Tensile Conical Structure are erected on four corner columns for that perfect balance in any weather condition. Our pre-engineered tensile fabrics offer protection against harmful UV radiation while offering great appeal to the outdoors. We use 3D software to showcase how your product would enhance the beauty of the area where its scheduled for installed. You can request us to make design and structural changes by looking at the 3D graphic and we will do the needful.


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