Play Area Tensile Structure

Play Area Tensile Structure

Children constantly need to play outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. However, they can easily fall sick in sweltering summer heat, cold winter months or humid monsoons. Keeping these little balls of energy indoors is not easy. So, is there a way to make them happy without disturbing the mental health of parents?

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With 18 years industry experience we design, engineer and install custom built Play Area Tensile Structure in schools, parks, malls and other children friendly areas. We use PVC coated polyester fabrics in bright colors and attractive designs that appeal children and adults alike. Our Tensile Structures fabricate stylish canopies, drop-off canopies and shade structures for children to cool-off during their play or waiting to be picked up after school. Our Play Area Tensile Structurecan be paired with solid fabrics or mesh to provide superior sun protection.

Stylish, light-weight and modular Play Area Tensile Structure are fabricated from PVC-coated polyester or the more durable PTFE-coated glass cloth. We custom built tensile fabric structures in all shapes, sizes and designs that are easily adapted to your school’s need to give the perfect learning and play space to your students.


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