Modular Tensile Structure

Modular Tensile Structure

We Build Sturdy Modular Tensile Structure based on Ancient Egypt Engineering that Offers Great Strength and Durability to Your Assets!!!

Modular Tensile Structure is not a recent construction invention because its roots are embedded in Ancient History. The early settlers lived in caves and built tents for shelter and protection from harsh weather and animals. Historical records indicate that humans have been building tents for the last 15,000 years ago. Originally built from animal skins, later humans learned to use woven fabrics for tents. Today, construction companies fabricate tents from polycarbonate glass fiber that offers superior strength and durability.

Modular Tensile Structures has taken the civil construction industry by storm. Agility, design and construction of tensile fabrics makes it a top choice for strong, durable yet economical alternative for sheltering assets. Since, Modular Tensile Structures in India can be molded in different shapes, this product adds magnificence to construction aesthetics.

Why Us?

Since Modular Tensile Structures get their steadiness from balancing all the pressures, it takes deep expertise on tensile knowledge to design structures that have correct structural integrity. Ekra understands this well with its 18 years of experience. Subsequently, we fabricate our product from high-quality materials and equipment. Our seasoned engineers brainstorm to create a balance in design, performance and cost of this construction asset.

We construct our products based on the Ancient Egypt engineering, which is popular worldwide for its magnificent construction that stands strong and tall enduring tough weather conditions for centuries. Subsequently, our Modular Tensile Structures can easily handle the harsh weather condition in India and across the globe.

Our Strengths

  • Industry-grade raw materials and machinery used to fabricate tensile fabrics
  • Superior quality guaranteed
  • Tensile fabrics fabricated in artistic style, shapes and colors
  • Cost-efficient

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