Inverted Umbrella Tensile

Inverted Umbrella Tensile

Reduce solar glare and make a sculptural statement on your property with Premier Inverted Umbrella Tensile!!!

Inverted Umbrella Tensile from Ekra is a curved, translucent structure that offers superior protection from solar radiation and weather elements, noise pollution, and adds aesthetic appeal to the surroundings. Our pre-engineered PVC coated or PTFE-coated glass fabric features a twisted membrane supported by overhead steel pole. This contemporary shade offers maximum coverage.

But that’s not all, our Inverted Umbrella Tensile products are designed to manage rain water efficiently. The waterproof fabric with multiple folds easily glides off the water and dries quickly. We can assemble our Tensile Structures in unique beehive patterns or other brilliant architectural forms to add elegance and style to the space it is installed at.

Some of the spaces that we can install attractive and useful Tensile Structures Lucknow include;

  • Malls, Shopping Centres
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Street Landscapes and Architectural Facades
  • Community Areas and Clubs

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