Hyphen Tensile structure

Hyphen Tensile structure

Largely used for covering industrial and agro-industrial spaces, sports arenas, commercial spaces, schools and auditoriums, Tensile structures have been in existence since the Roman Empire, 2000 years ago. Structurally, the Hyphen Tensile structure is fabricated by combining three elements: cables, membranes, and rigid structures (pole, cables and masts) – to offer greater protection against solar flares when people are outdoors.

Hyphen Tensile structure are membrane roofs that are held in place on steel cables. Their ability to cover large spans, high malleability and ease of pre-fabrication makes them popular with construction companies and large open spaces.

This product available from Ekra are available in two fabric types - PVC-coated polyester fiber and PTFE-coated glass fiber membrane. Both offer greater durability for 10 and 30 years, respectively. However, PTFE-coated glass fiber membrane offers higher resistance to solar flares, wind, rain and snow as compare to its PVC counterpart. Light-weight and modular Hyphen Tensile structure can be easily transported, assembled and erected and requires minimal space for storage when not in use.

Tensile structure Lucknow recommends Hyphen Tensile structure for gardens, cafes, restaurants, malls, schools and swimming pool. To know more, talk to our experts, Today!!!


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