GAZEBO Tensile structure

GAZEBO Tensile structure

We offer an extensive range of Gazebo Tensile Structures used for building summer houses for children to play in the sweltering summer or for decorating gardens and providing shade for people to enjoy the weather. We also build mobile Tensile Structures for organizing an open-air event or a lawn party.

Our light-weight yet sturdy Gazebo Tensile Structures are geometrically designed and available in different shapes, color and styles for fulfilling the needs of the customer. We build Tensile Structures in Lucknow from PVC and PVDF coated fabrics mounted on metal framework. Our products are waterproof as they are designed from industry grade architectural lacquered membrane, while the fittings and rigging and crafted from marine grade stainless steel for assured durability of our structures. Our products look elegant yet provide practical application to your outdoors need. .

We can provide 2D & 3D models during the design stage to display the custom structure in the proposed environment.


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