Food Court Tensile structure

Food Court Tensile structure

In response to stringent energy conservation rules designed by the government, Ekra has created Food Court Tensile structurethat has a high thermal capacity for an insulated commercial roof, while displaying a clear structural span and attractive sculptural form. Oure versatile approach to insulating tensile membrane roof involves joining patterned panels in a sandwich style. This engineering enables this Tensile structure in Lucknow to prevent the harmful UV rays from entering the food court that would increase the temperature and cause uneasiness among customers.

We design pre-engineered tensile fabric structure that effectively meet the restaurant, food court or open-air café seating and shading requirements. We construct our tensile structures from PVC/UV coated fabrics that spread out evenly in all directions when hosted on strong stainless-steel pillars and fastened by fittings. Our elegant products enhance the appearance of your commercial space for years at highly affordable price tag.


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