Courtyard Tensile structure

Courtyard Tensile structure

Need robust and artistic Tensile structures to cover your courtyard completely? Welcome to Tensile structures in Lucknow – We provide tensile fabrics that work!!

We design elegant and sturdy Courtyard Tensile structure that offers complete cover to your courtyard and allows free movement of people and things between buildings in all weathers. Our tensile fabric structure over-sail one another that allows natural sunlight and wind to enter the courtyard. We use inverted umbrella design to create Courtyard Tensile structure. This PVC-coated Polyester structure sustains rainwater and integrates light in a way that creates ‘crown’ like visuals for each mast. This structure not only boosts ventilation, protects people from harsh sunlight but also creates a multi-purpose courtyard that can be used for seating and dining options as well.


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